Tributes to Clint

Carry On Clint Ritchie by Catherine Hickland (“Lindsay” on “One Life to Live”)

Tuesday’s Tribute: Clint Ritchie by Janie Hickok Siess, Esq.

Clint Ritchie and the Buchanan Years Remembered

Rest in Peace, Clint Ritchie

Statement from Robin Strasser (“Dorian” on “One LIfe to Live”) in reference to both Clint and Phil Carey: “They were both great guys. Not easy, not uncomplicated, bigger than life. Clint, I’m sure, is with as many horses as you can possibly be surrounded by and on top of one of them, riding free. It was never simple with women but it was unconditional about horses. Their spirits are set free and I feel so lucky to have known them. I celebrate their legacy. My condolences to their near and dear. . . . Wherever [Clint] is, I hope that he’s on his favorite horse, riding free, getting togehter for a few good ones with Phil Carey.”

Statement from Hillary B. Smith (“Nora” on “One Life to Life”): “I am saddened by the news of Clint Ritchie’s passing. I had the honor of working with him long after I became a die-hard fan of his work. He was a tender-hearted soul wrapped up in a tough cowboy exterior. He smiled with a naughty twinkle, would pass you in the hall with a wink and a pinch and lived his life with an uncontained passion. What a guy! Here’s to you, Clint! It is amazing to lose Clint Ritchie and Phil Carey in the same week, and yet I don’t think they would have wanted it any other way. I just hope they both end up in the same place or there will be Hell to pay . . . literally.”

Statement from Erika Slezak (“Viki” on “One Life to Live”): “I was incredibly sad to learn that my colleague and friend, Clint Ritchie, passed away on January 31. Clint and I worked together for nearly twenty years, and shared some wonderful stories together. Clint will be missed by me and his family here at One Life to Live.”

Statement from Frankie Valentini, “One Life to Live’s” Executive Producer: “We are deeply saddened by the death of our dear friend, Clint Ritchie. He will always have a special place in our hearts and One Life to Live’s legacy. With his creation of the role of Clint Buchanan, he helped to bring to life one of the most memorable families in the show’s history. The OLTL family will always hold dear the memories of the man we fondly referred to as ‘Bucky.’ Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.”

Statement from Walter Miller, President, Erika Slezak Fan Club: “I always believed that Clint Ritchie was Clint Buchanan. And his scenes with Erika always worked. I was especially impressed with Clint when he showed his tender side. All those shows when Clint was trying to get Viki back from her breakdown are so memorable. I remember when the club was doing a 20th Anniversary Tribute Book for Erika. I had not received anything from Clint, however, right before our deadline, my phone rang and it was Clint, who proceeded to read me the nicest tribute to Erika that you could ever imagine. He said he had been working on it, and wanted it to be perfect. That’s the man I remember. Clint, please know that your contribution to One Life to Live will be forever with us.”

By Michael Logan, TV Guide: “Happy Trails — There was something so poignant about the deaths — just days apart — of good friends and OLTL cowboys Clint Ritchie (Clint) and Phil Carey (Asa). Their funny, brawny, unapologetic machismo was a rare thing in soaps and is sorely missed.”

From The 4th Doctor, Clint Ritchie RIP.