The Official Clint Ritchie Page and Fan Club Headquarters has been on the Internet since 1998 when Clint’s good friend, JHS, Esq., “the woman from Lodi,” decided to learn how to build a website.

Some nine years later, while transferring files in anticipation of migrating the site to a new hosting service, JHS came across a few works of fiction drafted by Clint’s fans. The stories had, at one time, been featured on Clint’s original website.  In the interim years, JHS became a proficient blogger, so she decided to take advantage of technology that was not available when these fictional works were originally published and give them a permanent home on the web in the hope that fans who read them a number of years ago might again enjoy them  . . .  and that these enchanting tales will also find a new audience of readers.

If you are a writer of fiction and would like to contribute to this site, submit your draft to admin at clintritchie dot com.